The model Zero5 belongs to the new "Zero" series that includes restyling and improvement of our historical models.
This resyling keeps the rectangular shape and the genaral external look of the old model 085.
Hidden underneath the external cover and inside the case there are many innovations, all of them made to achieve a more modern taste and a lighter weight without any compromise about the resistance and all the details tipicals of this set of case.

Rectangular shape, waterproof and rip resistant interchangeable external cover, inner lining made of soft anti-stratch fabric, one big compartment, four bow holders, strings tube, blanket, music pocket, central metallic lock, central leather handle, leather handle on the short side + feet on the opposite side, suspension system of the instrument + cushion to block the instrument integrated in the lid, hygrometer, connections for two shoulder straps (shoulder straps not included in the price).

• Thermometer
• Humidifier
• Cloth bag
• Padded shoulder-strap covered with fabric
• Padded shoulder-strap with suede leather on shoulder side
• Fixed backpack with two adjustable shoulder straps
• Joining for two shoulder strap codes 005/005PS/005F
• Pocket for belongings applicable to the shoulder-strap
GPS/GSM locator
Compartment for housing the GPS locator

Plywood frame of our production, carefully tested
Supporting internal structure, with high absorption and insulation properties
Tear-resistant Cordura® cover with water-repellent Teflon™ treatment
YKK zip

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ATTENTION: all colors are simply exemples, therefore it's possible a quite big difference with the real ones because of different default monitor setting.
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