BY E-MAIL (The best way)

It's possible to buy one or more Riboni cases sending the order by email at
As soon as we read your email, we will reply confirming the budget and informing about the delivery time.
It 'important to report in detail in the following fields in the following order:

Personal data / company data:

- First Name (required)
- Company name (only for companies)
- Telephone number and email address
- Full address (with ZIP code)


- The housing model
- Interior Color (Specify "free choice" in case you don't want a particular color
- Exterior Colour (Specify "free choice" in case you don't want a particular color)
- Full list of desired accessories (for greater clarity, it is advisable to follow the price list table)
- Quantity


You can order one or more Riboni cases by calling +39 0372 432280 at the following times:
From Monday to Friday 9:15 - 12-45


When the order will be almost completed we notify you by phone or email; then we send the ok for payment and prepare the shipment. As soon as our bank will notify the payment we received, we will send the parcel.
In all cases, for all ordered goods we require a payment before the withdrawal or delivery. The methods of payment accepted are:
- Cash at our shop in Cremona
- Bank transfer or Postal transfer
- Mark

NB: Any invoice will be issued upon delivery / shipping