Thanks to the strict quality controls, very few cases have been sold with manufacturing defects in forty years. Normally we verify that our cases with more than 20 years of daily use are still intact and usable. However, as any product, we can not exclude the occurrence of some defect of production.
In this unfortunate case we ensure two years warranty coverage (for private without VAT) or one year (for companies or VAT holders) from the date of delivery. That guarantee of compliance is not meant to refer to accidental damage due to negligence or improper use, but only and exclusively to manufacturing defects *, easily found within that time limit.
Any damage to the instrument are also excluded from the guarantee and outside of our responsibility.
It's a customer's responsibility to notify the lack of conformity within a reasonable period after its discovery (not more than 2 months), so that any anomaly won't influence other parts originally intact.
That said, for any accidental damage, the service assistance of our laboratory remains always available to offer the most appropriate repair in accordance with the customer.

* Must be confirmed by our prior vision.